How to Distinguish Between Male and Female Bass?

Bass are one of the species that fishermen most frequently target when fishing in freshwater. However, a lot of fishermen are unable to identify whether it is male or female bass. Even though it can be challenging, sometimes understanding the differences is crucial.

Typically, female bass are larger than male bass. Additionally, if you look at a bass’s bottom jaw, you’ll notice that females typically have a rounder lip than males do. Sometimes you have to utilize alternative approaches to determine the gender of the bass because these techniques are not always so obvious.

How Can You Distinguish Between Bass?

  1. Stripes. While a smallmouth bass has lines running vertically, a largemouth bass has broad stripes flowing horizontally.
  2. The length of the mouth with proportion to the eye. A largemouth extends past the mid point of the eye, whereas a smallmouth’s generally reaches there.

Lets Discuss Different Steps


In the spring, watch the fish. The breeding season begins in the spring, and mature female bass can be recognized by their bloated or sunken abdomens. They will either have bloated abdomens from carrying a lot of eggs or sunken ones from recently laying eggs.

Step 2

By looking at the region around their urogenital opening, larger bass (13 to 15 inches or longer) can be identified as either male or female. This is the opening on the fish’s backside underneath. Around their urogenital opening, females will have a circular scale less area, but males will have a more oblong scale less area.

Step 3

Apply light pressure with your fingertips, massaging the fish’s abdomen from the middle back toward the urogenital vent. The fish is a male if milt (fish sperm) is discharged. The fish is probably a female if no milt is expelling, yet this cannot be said with certainty.

How to differ a Male Largemouth Bass From a Female

One of the most sought-after game fish in North America is the largemouth bass. These fish can be recognized by their green hue, a dark, blotchy stripe along their flanks, and their enormous, gaping mouths.

They are found in numerous bodies of water across the area. But determining a largemouth bass’s gender is significantly more difficult than determining the fish itself. To the dismay of anglers, male and female largemouth look remarkably similar, but there are a few techniques to distinguish them.

Take a look at the fish’s size. Largemouth bass females frequently grow to be much larger than males, and they also live longer. Over 8 or 9 pounds, the majority of largemouth fish are female. A smaller male and a larger female almost usually make up spawning couples when bass pair off to spawn in the spring because males also mature more quickly.

Additionally, male largemouth bass are in charge of building nests and protecting the eggs during the spawn, so you can be very sure that any nest you see has a male largemouth bass if you see a single one.

The gender of a largemouth bass can be determined easily if it is caught during or just before the spawn. Holding the fish, slowly push its belly back toward the tail with your fingers. The anal orifice, or vent, of males will exude milt, a milky, white fluid. In contrast, a few eggs with a greenish hue will be visible in females’ vents. Unfortunately, this approach only works for a little over a month of the year.

Additionally, the vent’s form can sometimes be used to determine the gender of a bass. Although biologists rarely depend on this method because of its error-proneness, doing so can enable you to guess the gender of the fish.

The vent of a largemouth bass is typically circular in shape in males whereas it is more elliptical or oval in females. Even the most skilled eye may occasionally misidentify an object based on this broad guideline.

Can Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Breed Together?

When a smallmouth bass and a spotted or largemouth bass mate, a hybrid species called the bigmouth bass results. But scientists discovered that fertilization largemouth bass eggs with smallmouth bass sperm resulted in a child that could breed both with largemouth and smallmouth.


How to Identify Bass?

The mouth of the largemouth may be differentiated from that of most species that are similar by extending at least to and frequently past the backs of the eyes.

What do Bass Look Like?

On side imaging or down imaging, the majority of fish essentially appear as white dots. It’s crucial to understand that there is more to it than just a tiny white dot.

Whats a Wiper Fish?

Actually, the wiper is a hybrid between a white bass and a striped bass. This cross, also referred to as the “original cross,” was created for the first time in South Carolina in the middle of the 1960s using striped bass eggs and white bass sperm.

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